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A unique WINERY

We follow the maxim of Luis Sanz Busto, “Vines before barrels”.
The harvest is done by hand at the optimum moment of ripening of each of the plots.

The grapes are transported in small boxes of a maximum of 20 Kg to ensure the integrity of the fruit and, when the plots are located in the vicinity of the winery, the bunches arrive in optimal conditions at the selection table.

Each of the plots is harvested and vinified separately, to achieve the maximum expression of the singularities of each of them.

The must is fermented with natural yeasts, which come from the vineyard itself, at a controlled temperature.

After alcoholic fermentation, the wines are aged in American oak barrels, mainly between one and two years of age. We work with different coopers to bring more complexity to the wines.


BARREL ageing

The time the wine spend in the barrels is for us is a means and not an end, because a balance is always prioritized between the aromas provided by the oak and the primary aromas of the grape.

Wines with a great potential for ageing, with the ability to overcome the passage of time. Silky, complex, elegant. Silky, complex, elegant.

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