Our History

Dehesa de los Canonigos is one of the great historic estates of Ribera del Duero, which despite having changed hands on several occasions, has managed to maintain its delimitations virtually intact. The name of religious resonances, which has also remained throughout the years, cames by the link to the clergy, which was the first owner of the estate, since it belonged to the Chapter of the Cathedral of Valladolid, composed of 22 canons, hence its name. It is located within the municipality of Pesquera de Duero and described by its delimitations: on the east by the ca├▒ada del Indio; by the west with the meadow that belongs to the Monastery of San Bernardo de Valbuena and on the north by the lands of Valdemadera.

Its situation changes in the middle of the nineteenth century with the "Confiscation of Mendizabal" process that affected all the properties of the secular clergy who went on to become national property. In 1842, Toribio Lecanda y del Campo, a Basque businessman acquires the Dehesa de los Canonigos. In 1859 becomes a widow and transferred the property to his son Teodosio Lecanda, awarded architect, who built his house with Basque Country style in memory of his beloved land, today the farmhouse villaje continues as the house of the current owners.

Teodosio built a large warehouses, with an architectural structure in "U" shape, used at the beginning as grain storage. These naves nearly of 200 years have been restored preserving the elegance of a meadow and currently are the winecellars of the winery Dehesa de los Canonigos. The winecellar continue maintaining the majestic arrangement of beams and adobe walls of eighty centimeters of density, which is a great insulator to maintain a proper temperature in the ellaboration and aging of wines.

After belonging to different owners, in 1931 Idelfonso Cid and Vicenta Sanchez, grandparents of the present owners, bought Dehesa de los Canonigos for his daughter Luz, suffering from a disease, lead a healthier life in the field. The central characters of this new phase are Arturo Cid, married to Amalia Garcia and Juan Cid married to Rosario Alonso. The two brothers, authentic pillars of the business until the sixties, decided to sell the farm.

As luck would have a few months later, the property returned to be on sale again, and that is when Luis Sanz Busto and Mª Luz Cid, driven by the great affection that Mª Luz had to the family estate, they decide to recover it although Luis has to commit to focus all his efforts on it and let medicine. Luis Sanz Busto in this new stage of his life puts all his effort, work and care for the continuity of the third generation of this family business. Along with Luis and Mª Luz live their four children. Two of them, Belen and Ivan, are linked with the winemaking and the other two, Marta and Luis have followed his father´s steps by the area of medicine.

Although initially it was limited to sell the grapes to Vega Sicilia, the high quality of the fruit makes Luis Sanz and Mª Luz Cid decided to build the Bodega Dehesa de los Canonigos, whose first vintage was released in 1989.

Currently, Belen and Ivan Sanz Cid, two of the four sons of Luis and Mª Luz, whom having shared since childhood, with his father and grandfather, a love for agriculture and viticulture, are running with great enthusiasm the management of this company

Belen Sanz Cid holds the title of Winemaker, Technical Specialist in Viticulture and Enology by the University of Valencia and completed his studies at the prestigious University of Bordeaux, cradle of wine. Belen has inherited his father's passion, founder of the winery, by the wine world and since young she had very clear her vocation. Since 1998 she is the Technical Director and Winemaker of Dehesa de los Canonigos. She was a prot├ęg├ę of the two myths of enology, the oenologists Mariano Garc├şa (for many years winemaker of Vega Sicilia and currently owner of Bodegas Mauro) and Antonio Sanz (former owner of Bodega Palacio de Bornos) due to the friendship that his father and winery owner, Luis Sanz Busto, has with them for many years.

Meanwhile, Ivan Sanz Cid, Managing Director of the winery, has studied Technical Agricultural Engineering at INEA, University of Valladolid and holds an MBA from the University of Salamanca. He has lived a long time in United States which has provided him a modern business vision who applies to the world of wine.

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